Short-Term Disability: Do You Qualify For It?

If you're injured at your workplace, you may be out of work for several of months until you recover. During your time off, you may worry about obtaining enough money to pay your rent, utility bills, and food expenses. If you don't qualify for state assistance, you may become even more anxious about the upcoming months. Short-term disability benefits may be something you can apply for during your recovery. Learn more about short-term disability and whether or not you qualify for it below.

What Does Short-Term Disability Mean?

Injured workers qualify for two types of disability insurance: short-term and long-term. People who may be out of work for two years or more generally qualify for long-term disability benefits. Individuals who may be off work for a short amount of time may qualify for short-term insurance, which pays a portion of the wages you'd receive from your job. Short-term payments may be as short as a few weeks to as long as 26 weeks to a year, depending on the individual's circumstances.

For some workers, even a week of no income can have devastating effects on their livelihoods. Some families rely one source of income, which can place everyone involved at risk for financial problems. 

If you depend on your job's income to stay afloat, consider applying for short-term disability benefits.

How Do You Know if You Qualify for Short-Term Benefits?

In order to be eligible for short-term disability, you must meet certain requirements. The requirements may vary from district to district or state to state. However, individuals who are eligible for temporary benefits typically have an injury, illness, or condition that limits or prohibits their ability to work in any position within their company. 

You'll need to do several important things before you apply for short-term benefits, including contacting a lawyer for help. A short-term disability lawyer can go over your situation to see if you meet your state's requirements for assistance. An attorney may also see whether or not your employer provides short-term coverage for their employees. Although some people purchase their own disability insurance policies, most employers carry the insurance themselves. It's important that a lawyer obtains this information for you.

In addition to the important steps above, an attorney may need to obtain medical information from your doctors. The information can help determine the length of time and benefit amount you may qualify for during your recovery.

For more details on how short-term disability insurance may benefit you, consult lawyers today, like Longo Laywers.